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What's so important about being a representative?

Certainly we want to serve in the constellations of others so that they, in turn, will serve as representatives in our own constellations.

But there are other reasons why serving as a representative is important.

I have stood as representatives in many constellations.

I look forward to doing this. I look forward to serving the families and ancestors in this way.

I consider it an honor and a profound trust that has been given to me by the person having a constellation and their ancestors.

And I consider it such a deep learning and discovery of people, as I experience their different motivations, perspectives and feelings.

An understanding opens up about each person I represent as I "walk a mile in their shoes," as the old saying goes.

I have stood in the place of the old and the young; of mothers and fathers; of sisters and brothers; of grandmothers and great, great grandmothers; of grandfathers, uncles, aunts and cousins. I have stood for those who loved and those who couldn't. I have stood for people who are wide open in their beliefs or are devoted to a cause or a church. I have stood in the place of religions: Catholicism, Judaism, Christian. And countries people escaped from and the new countries they ran to without looking back.

As many people as there are in the world, with all of the complexity of relationships – this is what we are able to experience as representatives. And it is such a gift to be able to attend to the unwinding of feelings. To assist in the process, so that truth and freedom and peace can be established in a family system.

The suffering and the joy in a million different shades makes us human and equal. And this humanity opens us to compassion for all.

We open our eyes and see the truth of what happened.

This is the beginning of freedom.

As I stand in a constellation, I get a taste of the potential for freedom and peace.

And it is good.

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