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If you are on the fence about doing a constellation, I encourage you to do it. I have seen the tremendous healing power of it gradually unfold over the past several months.  After my constellation, parts of my fractured family have united in ways that I didn’t think I’d ever see. Love has started to flow in several relationships and it feels incredible!  I’m deeply grateful to the masterful team that made it all possible - thank you Sharon,  Caren, Pnina and Amy




Caren, Sharon, Pnina and Amy are incredibly skilled at Family Constellation work.  Deeply intuitive and caring and with remarkable expertise, they recognize the patterns that are waiting to be discovered and guide the process through to release and resolution.  Their day-long workshops are a wonderful experience. I highly recommend them to anyone interested
in personal growth and transformation! 



My husband and I have completed several workshops to assist us in understanding and further healing family relationships and to help us have a happy marriage. We found the process enlightening, practical and intuitive. We were able to clearly see underlying dynamics and how we were affected by current and past family members. We could not only see but also feel and understand why things are the way they are. My husband and I would recommend this approach if you are open to deeper levels of understanding and knowing.


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