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Meet the Facilitators

Our practice extends from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and its suburbs to Wilmington, Delaware and Princeton, New Jersey. 

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Sharon Balsama

“I am grateful to be able participate in this profound process of healing through the generations. It is a gift
to witness how the ancestors communicate through the unfolding of the constellation what needs to be seen and acknowledged to heal the past and free their family members in the present.”

Sharon is a seasoned therapist in private practice, bringing her heartfelt care, sensitivity and commitment to her work with individuals, couples, families and children. She is a Pathwork Helper in the Philadelphia area and has been devoted to the spiritual and personal growth of individuals.


Sharon’s first experience with Family Constellations had a profound effect on her and her family. It opened a new path to healing, instantly becoming a modality that she had to learn!


Initially, Sharon experienced Constellation work with Andrea Bosbach Largent and then trained with Susan Ulfelder at the Hellinger Institute of DC to become a facilitator. She continues to enjoy and receive Advanced Training and Supervision at Hellinger.


Her therapeutic training was grounded in family systems at the Institute for Contextual Growth followed by training in Studies in the New Therapies, Creative Arts Therapy and advanced training in Imago Relational Therapy. 


A founder of the Family Constellation Alliance of the Greater Philadelphia area, she is passionate and proud to bring this work to all participants. 


Sharon loves to walk in nature, travel and spend time with her husband, family, and five grandchildren.


Contact: or 215-527-7678


Pnina Polishook

“I feel deeply honored to support each person’s journey and each family’s transformation when they choose to participate in the constellation process. I am repeatedly amazed by the openings that manifest in people’s experiences, including inner spaciousness, freedom, clarity, release of rooted emotions, relationship shifts, love and kindness, renewed creativity and so much more.” 

Pnina is an accomplished energy healer, teacher, and spiritual leader bringing 25 years of experience to her work. Her personal joys have included teaching seniors and graduates at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and leading Spiritual Transformation groups focused on personal growth and healing of body, mind and spirit. Her private practice offers spiritual counseling, energy healing work and constellations to individuals and groups.

She is especially moved by the miracles and mysteries that unfold within constellations, resonating throughout the physical and non physical worlds. Mysteries that inspire renewed soul connections with loved ones, as individuals reclaim their deepest inner knowing through everlasting connection to source, opening the door to the realms of all possibilities.  

Her personal blessings include extensive training with exceptionally gifted teachers at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, A Society of Souls - Non-Dual Kabbalistic Healing, Center for Intentional Living, Case Study Supervision-Constellation Academy, and Hellinger Institute of DC for advanced facilitator training. 

She is a founding member of Family Constellation Alliance of the Greater Philadelphia Area and is dedicated to supporting the flow of love and peace through the generations past, present and future.

Contact: or 610-667-1176

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Caren Warhaftig Borowsky

“I have a deep passion for healing at the source, and from the source, for diving deep. I bring to my work my love and my desire to find a resonant peace.  I am deeply grateful to my parents and grandparents and to all of my inspired and gifted teachers for all they have passed on to me.”

Caren is a gifted energy healer. Her dedication to the healing arts includes study at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Center for Intentional Living, Center for Contemporary Mussar, various bodywork techniques, Shamanic dream work and the Hellinger Institute of DC.

She is comfortable moving between the worlds, communicating with ancestors, guides and animals. Her years of ongoing study of dreams provides her with skill in the language of the soul.


Using the structure of Family Constellations, she offers individual sessions, ongoing groups, and is a founding member of Family Constellation Alliance of the Greater Philadelphia Area.


Caren grew up in Essex County, New Jersey, and graduated from Temple University with a BA in religion. She and her husband celebrated 38 years of marriage in May of 2019. They are the parents of a beautiful daughter and live in Miquon, PA.


Contact: or 610-547-1101


Amy Rhett

“For me, family constellations are full of mystery. I love supporting the process that unfolds. It is never predictable and holds often surprising revelations that illuminate current problems and areas where people have felt stuck
for a long while, opening the way
to move into greater freedom
and peace"

Amy has a deep and abiding interest in spiritual growth and believes her own journey is what best enables her to be a guide and support to others.  Her spiritual path has led her to study with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and serve as a Hospice volunteer; to establish a long-standing meditation practice based on study with Thich Nhat Hanh, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfeld and others; to become a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner; to become a Pathwork Helper (spiritual counselor); and most recently, to become a Family Constellation facilitator.

Her trainings include the Pathwork (over 25 years); Jin Shin Jyutsu with various teachers; Center for Intentional Living with Alexis Johnson and Judith Schmidt; Family constellations with Susan Ulfelder of the Hellinger Institute DC (continuing advanced study) and Suzi Tucker; and Creative Journal Healing Arts with Lucia Capacchione.

As a founding member of Family Constellation Alliance of the Greater Philadelphia Area, she is devoted to bringing this healing approach to reveal and release entanglements in the family system, helping people move forward in their lives with more freedom, love and support.

or 609-577-6336

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