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Upcoming Events

Please join us for our next family constellation workshop online via Zoom.  Please see the flyer below for details. You can register here. 

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Online June Workshop
FCA Flyer June 2023_ copy.jpg
In-person June Workshop
FCA In person flyer June 2023 copy.jpg
Past Events 

Explore some of the workshops we've recently held.

Online November Workshops
FCA Nov22 Flyer copy.jpg
Online September Workshop
FCA Sept. 2022 Flyer copy.jpg
Online July Workshops
FCA July 2022 Flyer copy-2.jpg
Online May Workshops 
FCA May 2022 Flyer copy.jpg
Online March Workshops 
FCA March flyer 2022 copy.jpg
Online January Workshops 
FCA Flyer Jan 2022 copy.jpg
Online November Workshops 
FCA Nov 21 copy-2.jpg
Online September Workshops 
FCA September 2021 Flyer copy-2.jpg
Online Workshop July 25th
FCA 7_25_21 copy.jpg
Online Workshop June 27th
FCA 6_27_21 copy.jpg
Online Workshop May 23rd
FCA 5_23_21 copy.jpg
Online Workshop April 11th
FCA 4_11_21.jpeg
Online Workshop March 14
FCA 3_14_21.jpg
Online January Workshop
FCA 1_17_21.jpg
Joyful Blossoming
FCA 3-14-20_1.jpg
Harvesting Fruits of the Season
FCA Sept 2019 Flyer_.jpg
Online October Workshops
FCA Oct 2022 flyer copy.jpg
Online August Workshop
FCA Flyer 8.14.22 copy.jpg
Online June Workshop
FCA June 2022 Flyer copy.jpg
Online April Workshops 
FCA April 2022 Flyer copy.jpg
Online February Workshops 
FCA Feb 2022 copy-2.jpg
Online December Workshops 
FCA 12_19_21 copy.jpg
Online October Workshops 
October 2021 Flyer copy.jpg
Online August Workshops 
FCA Aug 21 flyer copy.jpg
Online Workshop July 11th
FCA 7_11_21 copy.jpg
Online Workshop June 13th
FCA Flyer 6_13_21 copy-2.jpg
Online Workshop April 25th
FCA 4_25_21 copy-2.jpg
Online Workshop March 28
FCA 3_28_21 copy.jpg
Online February Workshop
FCA 2_7_21.jpg
Autum Online Workshop
FCA 11_1_20.jpg
A New Year
FCA Flyer Jan 2020 copy.jpg
Exploring Gratitude
FCA Fall 2019 Flyer Final.jpg
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