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The Healing Power of Family Constellations

Uncovering hidden dynamics in our family lineage can help bring understanding and resolution to difficulties and challenges we face in our current lives. We are committed to sharing the family constellation process developed by Bert Hellinger as a powerful way to resolve these dynamics, and free the flow of love and support throughout each family system.

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Join our next workshops


We are pleased to announce our next online half-day family constellation workshop on Sunday, July 14th online from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm ET and Sunday, July 28th in person from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm ET in Paoli, PA.

Our next online workshops will be on Sunday, Sept. 8th online from online from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm ET. We will hold another in-person full-day workshop on Sunday, September 22nd in Paoli, PA.  There will be no workshops in August.


About Family Constellation Alliance

The Family Constellation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia (or FCA) is a group of Hellinger Family Constellation facilitators trained in Hellinger Constellation work, as well as having extensive backgrounds in healing techniques. Our practices include traditional therapy, body-centered healing modalities, integrative approaches to wellness, meditation and consciousness. Together we offer you opportunities to understand your family lineage and how it may present you with some of your life’s current challenges. 

As founding members of FCA,  we experience the family constellation process to be powerful and soul moving, enriching individual and family healing. It is a body of work that brings love and understanding where there may have been none. We are honored to offer this healing work to you.

About Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a body of work founded on the deep roots of love and
the essential longing to belong to one’s family. It is a way to approach relationships
and inclusion of every ancestor and member within a family system. 

The Family Constellation process was developed by Bert Hellinger. When he was a
Jesuit Priest in South Africa, he witnessed how the Zulu tribes would gather the family,
village and ancestors when there was an illness or a problem. He saw the impact that
the “right order” or “flow of love” had on families. Some years later, he took that information 
and merged it with various psychotherapies to create this Constellation approach. His work is
popular throughout Europe, Russia and South America and is expanding across the United States. 

Hellinger believed that we have “unconscious connections” with the fates of family ancestors and that these interwoven threads of connection have “memory and influence” impacting our experience in the present.” That historical trauma can upset the balance of order in a family, creating obstacles that result in repeated patterns and symptoms in the next generations. These patterns and symptoms can manifest in relationships, health, work, finances and in daily activities.

In a family constellation, when someone is asked to represent a family member, information becomes available about hidden dynamics within the family system. This information creates opportunities for 'movements of the soul' and often new possibilities become apparent and are expressed through acceptance, gratitude, new perspectives, balance, inclusion, and flow of love.

There are profound memories of generational family tragedies and traumas held within our cells though we may not remember them consciously (think epigenetics.) When these issues are revealed through a constellation, a resolution often presents itself coming through the family representatives, from the collective heart and soul of the family. Then, a new sense of belonging and connection to family begins to unfold. 

Additionally, a sense of restoration, order and balance can be felt as the entanglements between family members soften, relax and oftentimes release. Many individuals receiving constellations express that they feel strengthened, and that their path forward feels clearer, more secure, and in an easier rhythm with self and with life.

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Dragonfly watercolor by Sonya Borowsky

"In almost every part of the world, the dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, self-realization, and understanding the deeper meaning of life. The Mayans believed that the magical powers of the dragonfly housed the benevolent souls of their ancestors, bringing a connection to the goddess of creativity and rebirth. Others believe that dragonflies can be the messengers and spirits of ancestors who help us by giving us the strength and wisdom we need to proceed with our lives. This beautiful visitor represents hope, love, happiness, new beginnings and change.”

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